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About Matthew J. Anderson

A Life in Words

Matthew J. Anderson, ‘born and bred’ a Cheesehead grew up in Cottage Grove, a small town east of Madison, WI. His passion for writing started at seven years old, when one of his aunts gifted him with a shiny ball point pen in a pristine case on Christmas Day. He started Signs of Deception, his first manuscript when he was eighteen years old. Sixteen years later, at the age of thirty-four, he finally gained the courage to show it to the world and finished the remaining chapters. In Matt’s free time, he enjoys traveling the world, reading psychological thrillers, exploring new trails either biking or hiking, shooting hoops and rooting for all the Badger State sports teams. 

In the summer of 2020, two of my good friends invited me out to their home in Ouray, CO. The small town is nicknamed the "Switzerland of the US" and is nestled in between the San Juan Mountains with truly breathtaking views, adventurous hiking trails, beaming Quaking Aspen trees, a consistent glistening sun, marshmallow clouds, and cascading waterfalls. While there, I continued to search for open roles and I decided to work at a local brewery as a host --- a very interesting experience for a thriving tourism community during the height of the pandemic. 


Before my evening shifts, my routine consisted of taking daily strolls with a cup of coffee from Mojo's Coffee Chai & Teas in Ouray, CO down to the park to see chowhounds chase after frisbees, children playing freeze tag, and the community enjoying the therapeutic Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool and Fitness Center.


One day with a coffee at hand, I walked past Ouray Bookshop. I looked up at the majestic mountains and they smiled back which helped drive motivation; it convinced me to do something like what Jim Carrey did (he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for his acting services before he became a Hollywood star). I walked into the bookstore and simply asked the owner to write a message on the back of a bookmark about my dream of being an author---he wrote "Find your book inside yourself, it’s there somewhere!” After that, I'd continue my daily strolls, take the bookmark out of my wallet and return a smile to the mountains prompting a spark to get my first novel finished. Exactly one year later, the book has been “found” and it is available for the world to enjoy. 


Signs of Deception

Release Date: October, 20 2021; 

Aaron, Reggie & Travis are extremely gifted high-school athletes enjoying every single moment of their senior year. The future beholds promising opportunities for each of them to obtain a scholarship to play college football in their home state of Wisconsin. With high hopes of renting an apartment together after graduating from high school, the three friends decide that garnishing their pad with stolen street signs will be the blueprint of their college escapades. Their ensuing mischievous acts of vandalism eventually implodes into a heinous crime that neither of them could ever imagine. A burning secret now jeopardizes their childhood friendship, scholarship opportunities and glorious days of being college students. Only shocking signs of deception amasses the burning truth of what could deteriorate the blueprint of their promising futures.

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"The scariest moment is always just before you start."

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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