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Check out all my promotional items for the release of my debut thriller novel, "Signs of Deception."  All designs were created by the help of wonderful artist, Shelby Matie. Please check out her Instagram handle @shelby_marie_studios for more info!


For your convenience, click the photos below to make purchases (a new window will open). 




Featuring: Koda "K2" Martin (Belington Terrier) in "Emerald City: Seattle, WA 

"BLOOD FOREST" Signs of Deception Coffee Mug

Compliments from Barista: Henry "K1" Martin

Recipie: Tony's Blackcountry Blend Expresso with eggnog and a dash of cinnamon. 



"Snow Globe" Candle 

Candle featuring key scene from novel--- holiday scent: peppermint, hot cocoa and snow (fresh linen)

Small portion of sales go towards Lymphoma Research Foundation 

Currently available for in store purchases at Wisconsin Candle Company in Waunakee, WI

"Snow Globe" Candle
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